Rebecca’s November Recommendation

The Lonely Polygamist by Brady Udall

“In this hilarious, compelling, and strangely moving story, Golden Richards, a Mormon polygamist with 4 wives and 28 children, is going through a midlife crisis that threatens to destroy his career, his life, and the lives of his wives and children. I have always been a fan of domestic fiction, especially in the portrayal of dysfunctional (yet loving) family life.  After reading Udall’s The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint, and loving it, I decided I had to give this one a try.  While I am not usually a fan of sensationalist literature, Udall’s firsthand knowledge of polygamous family life and the Mormon religion means his approach to the subject is at once humorous, nostalgiac, and refreshing.  I would recommend this book to lovers of Jonathan Franzen or A.M. Homes.”

Read about or request The Lonely Polygamist from the library catalog!

3 Similar Reads (Fiction)

1) The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen

2) This Book Will Save Your Life by A.M. Homes

3) Lunch at the Piccadilly by Clyde Edgerton

3 Similar Reads (Nonfiction)

1) Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer

2) Stolen Innocence by Elissa Wall

3) Mormon America by Richard Ostling


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