A rich and satisfying story – Genna’s August suggestion*

Kitchens of the Great Midwest by J. Ryan Stradal

kitchens midwest coverGenna says: “I love love loved this book. The story revolves around Eva and her extremely advanced palate and cooking abilities, who we see grow up and rise to culinary success throughout the story. From the rambunctious middle schooler who grows rare chili peppers in her closet to a world class chef who hosts exclusive meals, Eva is the driving force behind the story, but the story isn’t all about her. Instead, author Stradal shows the reader a host of characters and their interaction with the foodie culture. A uniquely woven narrative places the reader in the eyes of a different character every chapter, somehow that character is distantly connected to Eva.

I especially loved closing the last page and flipping it around to look at the book cover again. All the images on the cover represent different chapters in the book, a beautiful touch to the novel. Would like to test some of the recipes tucked into the pages of the book; the author took them from a church cookbook.

If you still don’t believe me, read the NY Times Book Review by clicking here.

To read a sample of the ebook, click here.

*Lisa suggested this title, too!



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