Can “Epic Reads” Guess Your Favorite Genre?

epic reads logoHere at River Forest Public Library, we like book blogs! They’re a great way to get new insights, find writer events, and of course, discover new titles. The HarperCollins blog dedicated to YA literature is called “Epic Reads,” and it’s interesting and fun for just about everyone.

Epic Reads lets readers know about what’s upcoming at HarperCollins Publishing, offers features such as The 15 Most Anticipated YA Books To Read In July (including Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchman) — and has a little fun: Consider the recent post (complete with adorable pictures!) about authors and their dogs (apparently author Robin Benway’s Shih tzu has ears that “smell like maple syrup”…!)

This week Epic Reads takes a stab at guessing your favorite genre, by way of questions that range from how your last read made you feel, to what kind of ice cream you like — will it get your favorite genre right? Click here to find out (and even if the guess is wrong, you might find yourself with a new genre to explore!)

PS Don’t forget to also check out our earlier post about the independent book blog Book Riot — just click here.


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