Mary Ann’s Februrary Recommendation

Tinseltown:  Murder, Morphine, and Madness at the Dawn of Hollywood by William J. Mann

tinseltownMary Ann says:  “A true account that starts with movie director William Desmond Taylor shot to death.  The rest of the book tells stories of the actors and producers involved with Taylor in the early (around 1920) movie industry.  They led very wild, sometimes scandalous, sometimes tragic lives.  Who fired the fatal shot?

Includes quite interesting accounts of the production and distribution of the earliest silent movies.”

3 Similar Reads

Crime Beat:  A Decade of Cover Cops and Killers by Michael Connelly – “Connelly, best-selling and Edgar Award-winning writer of the Harry Bosch mystery series, writes about cops, criminals, and cold cases with an authority that stems in part from his first career, as a crime reporter for two newspapers: the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and, later, the Los Angeles Times. This is a collection of 22 of his nonfiction crime stories for those papers. The collection is divided into three sections: The Cops, The Killers, and The Cases.” – Booklist

A Death in Belmont by Sebastien Junger – “From The Perfect Storm to a perfectly horrendous crime: a 1963 murder in Belmont, MA, that mimicked the Boston Strangler scenario. The wrong man-black, of course-was convicted.” – Library Journal

Footsteps in the Snow by Charles Lachman – “It was a shocking true crime that left two families shattered, and became the coldest case in U.S. history. Who really killed little Maria? The question fueled a real-life nightmare in Sycamore, Illinois in 1957. Christmas was three weeks away, and seven-year-old Maria Ridulph went out to play. Soon after, a figure emerged out of the falling snow. He was very friendly. Minutes later, Maria vanished, leaving behind an abandoned doll and footsteps in the snow.” – Summary from catalog


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