Sue’s January Recommendation

The Answer to the Riddle Is Me:  A Memoir of Amnesia by David McLean

index.aspxSue says:  “I just finished The Answer to the Riddle Is Me:  A Memoir of Amnesia by David McLean. I had listened to his 2010 award-winning essay on NPR’s This American Life about the harrowing experience of losing his memory while in India as a result of taking an anti-malarial medicine. No money, no passport, no identity.  The 2014 book expands upon on his essay to fill in the details of how he came to be in India (completing a Fulbright scholarship) and the difficult, painful year he endured trying to recover his memory and figure out his ‘true’ psyche.  A compelling read!”

Does this sound interesting?  Click here for a sample!

3 Similar Reads

I Forgot to Remember:  A Memoir of Amnesia by Su Meck – “Just twenty-two years old, Su Meck was already married and the mother of two children in 1988 when a ceiling fan in the kitchen of her home fell from its mounting and struck her in the head. She survived the life-threatening swelling in her brain that resulted from the accident, but when she regained consciousness in the hospital the next day, she didn’t know her own name. She didn’t recognize a single family member or friend, she couldn’t read or write or brush her teeth or use a fork–and she didn’t have even a scrap of memory from her life up to that point.” – Publisher’s description

The Day My Brain Exploded by Ashok Rajamani – “In this frank and witty account of his own brain ‘explosion,’ Rajamani describes in vivid detail the circumstances leading to the injury, and its devastating aftermath on both his family and himself, including chronic epilepsy and a freak form of blindness affecting the left-side of each eye.  With disarming drollery, the author also recounts his racism-ringed upbringing as an Indian American in white-dominated suburban Chicago.  Shedding much-needed light on a little-known medical trauma, Rajamani’s sharp-edged prose is both informative and inspiring.” – Booklist

Little Failure:  A Memoir by Gary Shteyngart – “… a memoir of an immigrant family coming to America, as told by a lifelong misfit who forged from his imagination an essential literary voice and, against all odds, a place in the world.” – Publisher’s description


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