Sophia’s October Recommendation

Dog Sense by John Bradshaw (RFPL owns the eBook version, but print copies can be obtained from within the SWAN system)

“I just got my first dog and starting researching ways to understand dogs, their needs, their history and the best way to be their friend.
There is a lot of information out there about dog training, including models based on the “the dog is a pack animal, and as such is always looking for a way to be “alpha” in the household so best to nip that in the bud, by teaching your dog that you are the boss…”. Well that model, as it turns out is based on erroneous or misguided assumptions about dogs.Dogs have been misunderstood, to their detriment and to the detriment of the dog/human relationship. Mr. Bradshaw offers a scientifically based breath of fresh air, and in so doing he helps us to be better friends and companions to our doggies, first and foremost by understanding how they think, and what they want in the context of their unique genetic and domestication  heritage.
This is great book that corrects and sets straight many misunderstandings that stand in the way of better relationship with your pet. Highly, highly recommended if you have a dog, or if you are thinking of getting one.”

3 Similar Reads

Cat Sense by John Bradshaw – For cat owners who like the “behind the scenes” information on their cats; Bradshaw has a book for you, too.

Through a Dog’s Ear by Joshua Leeds – A guide to using sound to improve the health and behavior of your canine companion.

Why Does My Dog Act That Way? by Stanley Coren – A complete guide to your dog’s personality, intelligence, and behavior.


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