Genna’s October Recommendation

Heroes Are My Weakness by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Just in time for colder weather, this romantic book set in the middle of winter in a Maine town will warm you up! I really enjoyed the interesting character development – Annie gets to live in a cottage that she has inherited from her mother. She has to stay for 60 days straight, otherwise she loses possession of the house and it reverts back to her ex-stepfather’s family. Near the property is another larger mansion, called Harp House, where the brooding ex-stepbrother of Annie’s lives – Theo Harp. He is a reclusive (and attractive) horror writer dealing with grief from the loss of his twin sister and more recently, his wife.

Annie is a skilled children’s puppeteer. I enjoyed reading the different voices of her puppets, thought it did take a while to get used to this as the reader. I also listened to the audiobook for parts of the book.

The author is really great at wrapping up all the loose ends. The story really comes together in the end. It’s a great happy ending!

3 Similar Reads

Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie – In these contemporary romances, women bent on executing a simple plan find those plans dashed by children in need, mysterious occurrences, and bewitching men. More witty than scary, these novels also offer warm, likable, and relatable characters. – from Novelist

Solsbury Hill by Susan Wyler – Both feature plenty of romance, spiced with danger. Although modern in setting, each pays homage to a classic Gothic novel: Heroes are My Weakness (a contemporary romance) was inspired by Rebecca; Solsbury Hill (an atmospheric love story) recalls Wuthering Heights.  – from Novelist

Inn at Last Chance by Hope Ramsay  – Each featuring a successful horror writer as the brooding hero, a relatable heroine, and troubles from the past come back to haunt them (as well as other dark touches), these humorous contemporary romances pay tribute to classic Gothic novels. – from Novelist




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