Kimberly’s October Recommendation

Shotgun Love Songs by Nicholas Butler

Kim says: “I enjoy novels with a Midwestern setting and this one really captures a small northwestern Wisconsin town and its residents. Four out of the five main characters, who share alternating narration duties, are men. These men with divergent lives–a farmer, an ex-rodeo guy, an investment banker type, and a highly successful indie rock musician–converge in their hometown, attend each others weddings, and navigate their relationships on new footing.  There are many novels that chronicle the same territory with a mainly female point of view so this was very interesting and had a lot of heart.  As an interesting side note, the indie rock star is based on the lead singer of the Grammy award-winning Bon Iver.”

3 Similar Titles

We Are Called to Rise by Laura McBride -Three lives are bound together by a split-second mistake, and a child’s fate hangs in the balance. Far from the neon lights of the Vegas strip, three lives are about to collide. A middle-aged woman attempting to revive her marriage. A returning soldier waking up in a hospital with no memory of how he got there. A very brave eight-year-old immigrant boy. – description from catalog

Second Honeymoon by Joanna Trollope – This is the empty nest, twenty-first-century style–with grown children coming and going just as parents are getting ready for their second honeymoon. – description from catalog

The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer – The summer that Nixon resigns, six teenagers at a summer camp for the arts become inseparable. Decades later the bond remains powerful, but so much else has changed.- description from catalog



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