Margaret’s October Recommendation

Margaret says: “As a lover of historical fiction, I have read so many novels set during the second World War.   I wondered when I picked up Doerr’s critically acclaimed new book, whether or not he would be able to tell a fresh story.  And he did! It is wonderful when an author is able to really provide his or her readers with a new perspective on something that they think they know.  Doerr has done this with “All the Light We Cannot See.”  It follows two teenagers: one a blind girl escaping from Paris and a German Hitler Youth. Wondering how their stories come together is intriguing and kept me reading as did a slight mystery element.  What stayed with me, though, were the descriptive images (at times incredibly cinematic) that Doerr painted of the siege of Saint Malo.”
3 Similar Reads
Life After Life by Kate Atkinson – This historical fiction title is also set during World War II. This book features reincarnation, time-travel, and humor.
Mission to Paris by Alan Furst – Set in France 1939, this spy/suspense novel features foreign correspondents and spies.
Jacob’s Oath by Martin Fletcher – Holocaust survivors are free, and one in particular is determined to find his brother’s murderer – a concentration camp guard.

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