Victoria’s August Recommendations

Stupid History: Tales of Stupidity, Strangeness, and Misconceptions Throughout the Ages by Leland Gregory

Victoria recommends this book for an interesting and funny take on American history!

From the catalog:

“Why exactly is Paul Revere revered? Was the lightbulb really Thomas Edison’s bright idea?

Best-selling author Leland Gregory employs his masterful wit to expose historical myths, faux “facts,” strange events, and tales of human stupidity throughout history. If it would shock you to learn that Benjamin Franklin didn’t discover electricity, you’ll appreciate this take on hundreds of historical legends and debacles.”

Similar Titles:

The Not-So-Nude Ride of Lady Godiva & Other Morsels of Misinformation from the History Books by David Haviland

How George Washington Fleeced the Nation: and Other Secrets Airbrushed from History by Phil Mason

100 Mistakes the Changed History: Backfires and Blunders That Collapsed Empires, Crashed Economies, and Altered the Course of Our World by Bill Fawcett




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