Dorothy’s August Recommendation

When We Were the Kennedys: A Memoir of Mexico, Maine by Monica Wood

when we were the kennedysRFPL owns this in ebook – Check it out now or request a print copy.

Dorothy Says:

“This memoir struck a cord with me.  Our stories aren’t the same, but I felt connected to the author nonetheless.  Her sense of time and place came through clearly as she recounted her family’s experience of losing their father unexpectedly, just months before JFK’s assassination.  If you enjoyed Haven Kimmel’s A Girl Named Zippy, Wood’s memoir should also appeal to you.”
Similar Titles:
That’s That: A Memoir by Colin Broderick – If you want to read a wartime novel, this one’s set overseas during Northern Irelands period of violence known as the Troubles. Here’s the NPR interview about the author.
The End of the World As We Know It by Robert Goolrick – A moving memoir about a dysfunctional family, with a focus on the father.

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