Book News and Notes: Audiobook Resources

Ever check an audio book out, hear a voice you didn’t like listening to, and immediately return the book? How frustrating! Finding enjoyable audiobooks can be tough. Thankfully, there are some GREAT online resources out there to help you.



(image from

Books On Tape –

botBooks On Tape allows you to easily navigate lists of subject categories, new releases, award-winners, authors, and narrators. It even provides sample clips for you to listen to the book to ensure you like what you hear! Here are a few lists of great reads from the website:

The Audies –

audiofileDid you know there are audiobook awards given out every year called “The Audies”? It is sponsered by the Audio Books Association. The awards are given in different categories like drama, memoir, teen, multiple narrators, fantasy, fiction, erotica, humor, literary, inspirational, mystery, and nonfiction. Audiofile also provides lists of reviews in different categories, check them out by clicking “Current Reviews” at the top of the page.

Happy Listening!






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