Lisa’s March Recommendation

The Faker’s Guide to the Classics by Michelle Witte

fakersguidetoclassicsLisa says, “This is quirky by fun!”

From Anna Karenina and Beowulf; to Ulysses and Wuthering HeightsThe Faker’s Guide to the Classics condenses the great (but long and complicated) novels, plays, and poems of world lit into bite-size nuggets, cutting out the bloated analysis and nauseating debate of other reading guides. Each of the 100 books profiled is a classic that everyone knows but only hardcore lit majors have actually read. Each entry contains: a quick and dirty narrative description of plot, including twists and surprise endings, told with humorous brevity; famous quotes accompanied by smartass responses; and the original cover or an illustration conveying the work’s tone (or lack thereof). With this must-have guide, never worry again whether a reference to Miss Havisham is an insult or wonder what happened to Moby-Dick. Not reading the classics has never been easier! – summary from catalog

3 Similar Reads

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Beowulf on the Beach: What to Love and What to Skip in Literature’s 50 Greatest Hits by Jack Murnighan

The Whole Five Feet: What the Great Book Taught Me About Life, Death, and Pretty Much Everything Else by Christopher Beha


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