Mary Ann’s March Recommendation

How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare by Ken Ludwig

howtoteachyourchildrenshakespeare“Ludwig, himself a playwright, has some practical tips for  teaching children to memorize famous lines of Shakespeare.  Personally, I’d prefer to see children immersed in wonderful children’s books, but if they have fun with his technique, (and Ludwig’s kids seem to) give it a try.  The website explains the rationale and has print-outs to download and use in teaching.

What I enjoyed much more was his analysis of Shakespeare’s vocabulary and his explanation of how the dialogue reveals the character and/or the culture of the times.  Ludwig is a Shakespeare scholar and loves the texts. His insights will add to anyone’s appreciation of the plays and sonnets.” – Mary Ann

3 Similar Titles

Shakespeare with Children: Six Scripts for Young Players by Elizabeth Weinstein

No Fear Shakespeare Series” – provides a side by side translation of the text in an easier to understand format

How to Enjoy Shakespeare by Robert Thomas Fallon



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