Genna’s February Recommendation

Welcome to Lovecraft, part of the Locke + Key series

by Joe Hill; Art by Gabriel Rodriguez

welcometolovecraftThe first novel in the series begins with the Locke family, reeling with grief from the loss of their murdered father, moving into the Keyhouse in Lovecraft, Massachusetts. They find mysterious keys around the house, but Bode, the youngest in the family, is first to discover one key that causes whoever passes through the threshold to become a ghost. Bode meets a creepy voice in the well on the property who has some ulterior motives.

I enjoyed this book for the engaging and creepy storyline, as well as the amazing illustrations.

This graphic novel series has six parts – the final book Alpha + Omega was just released this week and concludes the series that the duo Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez have been working on for six years. Several of the books have been nominated for the Will Eisner Award – which are awards given to creative achievement in American comic books. You may already know Joe Hill as the son of Stephen King. Joe Hill has been carving a horror story niche for himself since his 2007 debut Heart-Shaped Box, to his short story collection 20th Century Ghosts, and most recently NOS4A2




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