Genna’s September Recommendation

The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes 

the shining girlsHarper Curtis is a time-traveling serial killer based in Chicago. He travels through time between the 1920’s and 1980’s, with his home base located somewhere on the south side. He collects an article from each girl he kills, and leaves it in the house. Harper seems to be crazy, mentioning that the house speaks to him, and that the objects shine. He only hunts for female victims he says “shine”, which means they are promising in some way: ambitious, smart, courageous.  Though leaping through decades might seem like the ultimate escape from the law, Harper runs into some trouble when one of his would-be victims, a spunky young student named Kirby Mizrachi, survives the brutal attack. She is determined to find her killer, and gets an internship at the Chicago Sun-Times specifically so she can work with a former crime beat reporter, Dan Velasquez. Together they pick up the baffling clues from old cases of Harper’s victims, like finding a Babe Ruth baseball card in a victim’s old case files before Babe Ruth was even playing.

Great for fans who can handle just a little bit of gore (I had to flip past a few pages when Harper was committing the murders). Also great for Chicago fans to get a glimpse into two different decades. The author is from Australia and researched Chicago very well in her work, impressive!

3 Similar Reads

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