Tara’s August Recommendation

The Dead and the Gone by Susan Beth Pfeffer 

the dead and the goneSeventeen year old Alex Morales and his two younger sisters, Bri and Julie, are living in an apartment in New York City, when an asteroid collides with the moon, knocking it into a closer orbit with Earth. Tidal waves wipe out parts of the city, and volcanoes erupt around the world. Electric grids throughout the U.S. lose power, as food shortages grip the nation. Months after the collision, Alex’s parents are still missing, leaving Alex to care for his sisters as conditions around the city worsen.   The author of this series, Susan Beth Pfeffer, has created strong, unique characters, while providing a plot that is suspenseful, engaging, and believable.

This is the second book in a series called “Last Survivors,” but the first two books can be read in any order. Victoria recently reviewed the first book, “Life as We Knew It.” If you enjoy apocalyptic fiction or have never tried it, this series could become your next favorite.

3 Similar Reads

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