Sophia’s August Recommendations

The Fault in Our Stars by John Greene

the fault in our starsThis is a love story.

The two main characters in  this book are all very young, they have cancer and they approach their condition with sarcasm. They are quite flip and the put downs fly, however somehow again and again, somehow the dialog is uplifting.  Some found the dialog a little too precious for this age group. I found it quite thrilling and remember my own experimental and excited use of a more adult vernacular. These are smart kids after all.

There is a backdrop of a holy grail of sorts. The characters seek closure in a novel that they have read. The characters in this novel were left unresolved, so they seek the novelist, to find out what happened. This mirrors their own seeking of  closure in their own lives and life’s meaning. The adventure rings true, and the outcome is both heart breaking and heart warming. Rings true, and will make you stronger.

Philosophy Made Slightly less Difficult, Garret J. DeWeese and J.P. Moreland

philosophy made slightly less difficultPhilosophy, with its rules of logic and exposition, establishes the rules of the game. The game of establishing a model for the world, and for establishing a model for how to establish a model for the world and what it means.
Understanding the rules means insight into both the context and parameters of the game. This books is for those who would like to take some time, note that the authors say “slightly less difficult” not “easy”, to understand the way that the greatest and deepest reaches of the mind have been expressed in this context.

These great and deep reaches are now world views in which we all live our lives. This book serves as a tourist guide and backdrop to the assumptions and outcomes of these world views. Nicely done.

Immortal Diamond by Richard Rohr

immortal diamondAgain and again Fr. Richard Rohr, a Franciscan priest  wraps his arms around diverse religious essence, practice and direction and warms the heart that we all share. A proponent of centering prayer and a master of finding commonalities across traditions, Father Rohr is a joy to read as he includes science and the aspirations of science in this search for what he calls “true self”. This is a short, beautiful, beautiful book that will put your mind to rest and inspire you in awareness of our eternal unity.

The New Science of Politics by Eric Voegelin

the new science of politicsIts both an inspiration and scary in this world what currently passes as scholarship to read the work of a true scholar. A man who has a such a deep and wide understanding of history, religion and culture that he is able to re contextualize and reinterpret our current political reality.
This is a quote that I am unable to attribute. The author says it better than I could say it:

Compressed within the draconian economy of the six Walgreen lectures, The New Science of Politics,  is a complete theory of man, society, and history, presented at the most profound and intellectual level.

I have no idea why Mr. Voegelin is not famous today. He should be.


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