Mary Ann’s August Recommendation

Anne Perry and the Murder of the Century by Peter Graham

anne perry and the murder of the century“The River Forest library has two shelves of the popular mysteries by Anne Perry.

When Anne Perry was 15 years old she and her friend killed the friend’s mother. This book describes the difficult childhoods of the two killers, their obsessive friendship, and the murder trial.

We also have a DVD of Academy Award-nominated Heavenly Creatures, a chilling film about events leading to the murder.  Peter Jackson directed Kate Winslet in her film debut.” – Mary

“On June 22, 1954, teenage friends Juliet Hulme-better known as bestselling mystery writer Anne Perry-and Pauline Parker went for a walk in a New Zealand park with Pauline’s mother, Honora. Half an hour later, the girls returned alone, claiming that Pauline’s mother had had an accident. But when Honora Parker was found in a pool of blood with the brick used to bludgeon her to death close at hand, Juliet and Pauline were quickly arrested, and later confessed to the killing. Their motive? A plan to escape to the United States to become writers, and Honora’s determination to keep them apart. Their incredible story made shocking headlines around the world and would provide the subject for Peter Jackson’s Academy Award-nominated film, Heavenly Creatures.” – Summary

3 Similar Reads

Heart Full of Lies: A True Story of Desire and Death by Ann Rule

The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold

Cries Unheard: Why Children Kill: The Story of Mary Bell by Gitta Sereny



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