Genna’s July Recommendation

The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

ocean at the end of the laneI love Neil Gaiman. If you’ve never read him before, he combines mythology with realistic story lines, and his works are usually dark or haunting in some way. This book was a very quick read – less than 200 pages. It is his first adult novel that he has published since Ananasi Boys (which I also highly recommend).  The best way to describe this book is to say that when the book ended, I felt like I had woken up from a somewhat somber but fulfilling dream. It was a very emotional ending.

The story is set in England where an old man revisits his childhood neighbor’s farm – The Hempstocks – and sits by the pond. He then begins to remember his past as a child playing on the farm, and his childhood friend Lettie, and what they came across on the farm.

This book includes magic, a bad witch, and good witches, but most of all, it’s a story of survival. Also, there are a few cute kittens that make an appearance in the story. 🙂 Beautifully written, and very haunting. Loved every second of it, and cried at the end.

Other Recommend Reads by Author Neil Gaiman:

Anansi Boys 

American Gods

Good Omens

The Graveyard Book


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