Genna’s June Recommendation

The Smart One by Jennifer Close

the smart one

This book tells the stories of different members of a family from their perspective. The overbearing mother Weezy worries about her three children and their careers and relationships. One daughter ends her engagement and becomes so broke she must return to live at home to pay off credit card debt. Another daughter decides to leave her job in retail and get back on the path towards being a nurse. The youngest child, a senior in college, is dating a gorgeous girl and things seem to be going well, until something unexpected happens to the couple. All three of Weezy’s children are struggling to make things work.  What I liked is that the characters are so relate-able. The book is very well written. This is kind of a chick lit book, but a little deeper of a read. I would recommend Close’s other novel as well, Girls in White Dresses

3 Similar Reads:

Family Ties by Danielle Steel

Home Safe by Elizabeth Berg

Second Honeymoon by Joanna Trollope


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