Anna’s June Recommendation

Saga Vol. 1. is a graphic novel written by Brian Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staples
sagaIt’s a visually stunning work that hearkens back to the epic conflicts of Star Wars, but the main characters are not trying to defeat a wicked Empire, they are instead trying to get their new family out of the way of a never-ending, galaxy-wide war. Despite its designation as a ‘comic’ and its seemingly sentimental storyline, this work is intended for mature audiences–it contains serious issues that correspond with wartime in a callous world.‘s review:  “Since debuting in March 2012, Saga has quickly become one of our favorite new comics. Even though this series is filthy with magic, cybernetics, and galactic political intrigue, it’s a family drama at its pith.
         The comic follows Alana and Marko, an alien couple who find love during wartime. The problem is, they’re on opposite sides of an interplanetary war and must defect with their infant daughter Hazel in tow. The new parents are soon on the lam from such malefactors as Prince Robot IV and an enigmatic soldier of fortune known as The Will, and much hilarity and horror ensues.”

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