Mary Ann’s June Recommendation

Lady Audley’s Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon

lady audley's secretThis “sensation novel” was published in 1862.  I first heard of it from a Newberry Library seminar called Beach Reading for Victorians.  The notes explain that “sensation novels… were works of suspense, scandal, and sex that inherited gothic conventions and influenced detective fiction.”  Wilkie Collins worked in the genre.

Lady Audley’s Secret was riveting and suspenseful.

I downloaded the novel  from iBooks for free.  Many older books are available for free downloading fromiBooks, Kindle, and an app called Free Books – 23,469 classics to go.

This is the first book I read on an ereader.  I loved being able to instantly have a word defined, or linking to a short explanation of a reference such as “Boer War. “ Particularly handy in a mystery novel, you can search for a detail that you recall from early in the book, and want to reread because you realize its relevance to later plot developments.

3 Similar Reads 

The Odd Woman by George Gissing

East Lynne by Mrs. Henry Wood

Ruth by Elizabeth Gaskell




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