Hadley’s January Recommendation

Breed by Chase Novak

breed“While most would agree this book is ‘not appropriate’ for me to be reading right now (I’m 7 months pregnant), my love of the macabre wouldn’t let me wait.  Breed centers on the lives of wealthy New York couple the Twisdens, who test the limits of infertility treatments in their obsession for a child.  After submitting to dangerous, questionable procedures, the Twisdens successfully conceive children…but at a horrible, gruesome price.  Breed is original fast-paced, scary and stomach-turning, and at times also funny and sad.  Stephen King even says it’s “the best horror novel (he’s read) since Peter Straub’s Ghost Story.”

Read about this book or request it from the library catalog!

3 Similar Reads (Fiction)

A Good and Happy Child by Justin Evans

The Devil in Silver by Victor Lavalle

Let Me In by John Ajvide Lindqvist



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