Weekly Spotlight On…Best Books of 2012

At the risk of being redundant, I decided to write a short post on the best books of 2012.  Instead of trying to sort through the multitude of lists that have already been presented and then come up with my own, however, I decided it would be better to simply point you to some of the more interesting and varied lists that have been compiled by others already.  Below, I have tried to give links to lists which name books that may have flown a little bit under the radar but are just as good as the big name authors and the books on the bestseller lists. Hopefully, this will expose you to some great books that you have not yet heard about!  Enjoy!

Good Reads Choice Awards 2012–this is a great resource, because the awards are broken up into several different genres (fiction, nonfiction, biography, fantasy, etc.), and they are voted on by people just like you.

Book Riot’s Best Books of 2012–they have all types of readers over at Book Riot, and a lot of these books can be considered “under the radar”, but just as good as some of the bigger name books.

Publisher’s Weekly–has a very interesting and varied selection of Best Books to look through.

The Slate’s Best Overlooked Books of 2012–Just like it sounds, this is a list of 20 books that have been overlooked by many, but deserve some attention.

The Book Case–This is a blog put out by BookPage, and this top 50 list has books suited to every reader

And finally, NPR had 3 Indie Booksellers Pick the Year’s Best Books

Next week, stay tuned for books to look forward to in 2013!


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