Tara’s October Recommendation

The Stand by Stephen King

“Just in time for Halloween, here’s a horror novel that will knock your socks off!  The story begins with a lethal viral accident that occurs in a military lab.  Only one man escapes alive, and lives to infect his family and all of the nearby cities.  As the world begins to crumble, two camps begin to emerge.  One camp is led by a 108 year old woman named Abigail.  The other is led a lethal man with unspeakable powers, Randall Flagg.  The Stand is a futuristic, dystopian horror novel set in the United States. King combines skilled character development with gory detail that will keep you reading to the very end.  A warning to the squeamish–this may not be the book for you!

Read about it or request it from the library catalog!

3 Similar Reads (Fiction)

1) I Am Legend by Richard Matheson (Access to library catalog here!)

2) The Reapers Are the Angels by Alden Bell (Access to library catalog here!)

3) The Passage by Justin Cronin (Access to library catalog here, and don’t miss the sequel to this excellent novel, The Twelve, coming out October 16th!)

As a side note: Post-apocalyptic literature is a huge book trend, and there are tons of reading lists out there–check out this one from the Huffington Post, or try this list of End of the World reads from Flavorwire.  There is no doubt that the The Stand is one of the best, but there’s a whole lot to choose from, and all of it is great!

3 Similar Reads (Nonfiction)

1) The World Without Us by Alan Weisman (Access to library catalog here!)

2) Collapse by Jared Diamond (Access to library catalog here!)

3) The Viral Storm by Nathan Wolfe (Access to library catalog here!)


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