Weekly Spotlight On…Book Trends

As we are all aware of by now, the book industry is being impacted by a movement as large as the invention of the printing press in the 16th century.  I am, of course, talking about the rise of the ebook, as well as the rise of self-publishing.  Some of the biggest and most talked about books today are books that have originally been self-published in the digital world.  You may have read or at least heard about the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy, but did you know that the book was originally published on a FanFiction site for Twilight fans and was available to all?  Now all three books have been at the top of the New York Times paperback bestseller list for 18 weeks running.  It has outsold J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series on Amazon UK in the span of about 4 months.  Everywhere I turn, people are talking about the rise of ebooks and the downfall of print.  While this is a cause for concern for many involved, the thing that I am most excited about is to see the rise of the self-published book.  Now, anyone can publish a book using Amazon’s CreateSpace, and people are picking these books up and reading them.  What this means to you, you will have to decide.  I, for one, find the prospect mildly daunting–as if I didn’t have enough books to read already!  Just take a look at this long list of self-publishing success stories.  Perhaps you can find a book in this list that may appeal to you.  In my opinion, the publishing world has always been a little unfair–it is human nature to create, and we tend to create well.  How can it only be up to a random group of critics to judge whether or not a book should be shared with the rest of us?  Here are some other interesting articles that I found on the subject that definitely provide some food for thought:

NPR: In The E-Book World, Are Book Covers A Dying Art?

Forbes: Publishing Is Broken, We’re Drowning In Indie Books–And That’s A Good Thing

Amazon Announces E-Books Not Outsell Print Books in the UK


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