Sophia’s April Recommendation

Darwin’s Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge To Evolution by Michael J. Behe

“Both sides of the Evolution/Intelligent Design argument have been angry, unyielding  and too often filled with an unrelenting contempt for the other side. To the Evolutionists,  the Intelligent Design folks are bumpkins: blinded by their own religious prejudices. To the Intelligent Design folk: the Evolutionists are materialist reductionists unwilling to consider evidence that does not fit their equally restrictive Darwinian model of evolution.

In his book, Darwin’s Black Box: the Biochemical Challenge to Evolution, Mr. Behe explores a limitation of the Darwinian Model. He presents a lucid and intriguing argument. This is an oversimplified attempt to distill his argument:

Certain things can indeed be seemingly explained by evolution, for example, animals living in arboreal environments eventually develop body parts that more likely insure survival such as longer fingers  so that they can climb and hold on to branches: This is an example of changes that are selected for over time to expedite survival.

Other things cannot be explained by evolution. They are the living analog of such things as a mouse trap: One does not put out a spring, a piece of cheese and a wood platform and hope that over time, these item will come together to form a mousetrap. A mousetrap is “irreducible complex”, that is it does not happen incrementally, it is either a mousetrap or it isn’t.  So it is with many biochemical processes of life that are complicit in evolution.  This book, despite it’s somewhat intimidating title, is very readable by the layperson and presents a fascinating description of these processes and breathes credible life into an argument that seeming had been won by the Darwinian Evolutionists. An exhilarating  read!”

Read about it or request it from the library catalog!


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