Ellen’s February Recommendation

Packing for Mars by Mary Roach

“This book explores some of the more nitty-gritty aspects of space flight–like how to deal with eating, eliminating, hygiene, and illness in zero gravity, and what kind of experiments NASA has done to tackle these issues. (Did you know that, with severely restricted hygiene, body odor peaks in 10 days? After that, well, it doesn’t get any worse.  I do not plan to replicate the experiment.) Fair warning: this is not for the queasy, but you will laugh out loud at least as much as you will cringe.
I must say I have loved everything I’ve read by this author. I am going to ask our excellent reference librarians for help finding her articles.  Mary is a solid science writer (from her web site: “I often write about science, though I don’t have a
science degree and must fake my way through interviews with experts I can’t understand.”) with a a wry wit, inexhaustable curiosity, and a willingness to ask questions I could never even ask anonymously. I love the science & love the humor.”

Read about it or request it from the library catalog.

You can find this book in the library at CALL # 571.0919 ROA


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