Dorothy’s January Recommendation

Long Way Home by Laura Caldwell

“I raced through Long Way Home: A Young Man Lost in the System and the Two Women Who Found Him by Laura Caldwell.  A gripping true story of a 19 year old who is falsely imprisoned for allegedly participating in a murder.  He spends 6 years in Chicago’s  Super Max jail with minimal legal representation, all the while proclaiming his innocence.  One fateful day, he comes to the aid of a female defense attorney at Super Max to see a client and she decides to take on his case pro bono.  Even though the outcome of the story was clear to me from an article I read in The Trib, I still was on the edge of my seat as I read about this young man’s unbelievable resolve in the face of his horrific experience.”

Read about it or request it from the library catalog.

You can find this book in the library at CALL # 364.3152 CAL




2 thoughts on “Dorothy’s January Recommendation

    • Ms. Caldwell, You are very welcome. I think this is an important book. You manage to enlighten the reader about the injustices and misconceptions many young men face, especially African-American ones, in a compelling manner, but without sensationalizing Mr. Mosley’s situation. When my now 18-year-old son was a baby, I read another book about a young black man’s life experiences that touched me closely. I remember hoping that my son might grow to be the kind of man in that book. The book was Dreams From My Father. In your book, I have found another admirable black man for my son to emulate. Thank you for telling his story.

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