Stephanie’s December Recommendation

True Grit By Charles Portis

One of the big Christmas week blockbusters this year is a remake of the John Wayne classic cowboy film, True Grit by the directing Coen brothers. The two have had many huge hits in their career: Raising Arizona, Blood Simple, Miller’s Crossing, and others. This new release with Jeff Bridges in the lead role of Rooster Cogburn, and Matt Damon as the cowboy sidekick is bound to be  big box office.  The real discovery here, in my mind though, is the book by the same title, which is the original source material for both movies.  Written in the mid 1960’s , by Charles Portis, it is a truly great , American novel. It has been compared with the work of Mark Twain–it’s THAT  good! Portis’s gift for recreating the language of the period, and fashioning fascinating characters, while telling a funny, dramatic, suspenseful and deeply moving story makes it one of the finest works of historical fiction out there. It’s a great read, and a really good time. Rediscover an American classic, for the first time.

Read about it or request it from the library catalog

You can find this book in the library at CALL # FICTION PORTIS


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