Ellen’s April Recommendation

Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Children’s Book: Life Lessons from Notable People from All Walks of Life compiled by Anita Silvey

“This was my favorite Christmas gift this
year.  Definitely for grown-ups, but kids will enjoy it too, and discover new books.  Cardiothoracic surgeon William DeVries, who implanted the first  artificial heart, writes about The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and the Tin Woodman’s heart. Steve Wozniak, who invented the Apple computer, read the Tom Swift books as a kid.  The collection features lots of great books and great people reflecting on them, it’s a terrific book for browsing, and made me feel good about the disproportionate number of children vs. adult books I read ! A great read for anyone, with a range including inspiration, motivation and storytelling, and a recommended book list at the end.

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You can find this book in the library at CALL # 809.8928 EVE (in with the new books)


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