Ellen’s November Recommendation

nationNation by Terry Pratchett

“I loved this novel where cultures collide when a tsunami hits a tropical island.  2 youth, native Mau and shipwrecked Brit Daphne, find ways to survive and gather other survivors to create a new nation. When Daphne’s father arrives with his traditional British imperial viewpoint, Daphne struggles to make him understand the culture she’s found on the island.

A couple of favorite quotes:
“Why is it always so, so… northern hemisphere?” said Daphne. “Turn the world upside down” (picture a globe – who says North is up?  We’re just used to thinking of it that way.) Mau – “We cannot be stronger than the Empire – but we can be something it doesn’t dare to be.” Mau’s oft-repeated mantra during his struggles : “does not happen!”

I read this in part because my daughter was doing disaster relief in American Samoa after the tsunami that stuck the islands in September. It gives a sense of the utter destruction, but Pratchett’s great characters, humor and plot twists make this a thoroughly enjoyable

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