Joanna’s October Recommendation

PoePoe: A Life Cut Short by Peter Ackroyd

“In preparation for our Edgar Allan Poe Big Read program this month, my suggestion is Poe: A Life Cut Short, by Peter Ackroyd.  Part of Ackroyd’s Brief Lives series, the author opens with the mysterious circumstances surrounding Poe’s final days and his death in Baltimore, Maryland in 1849.  Ackroyd then traces Poe’s turbulent childhood, adolescence, and adulthood providing information about Poe from letters and other biographical sources.  Ackroyd suggests that Poe’s frequent experiences with loss, dying, and death have contributed greatly to the macabre themes and foreboding moods in his poetry and writing.  This is a good read for anyone who is seeking an introduction into life and work of this mysterious and misunderstood poet.”

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You can find this book in the library at CALL # BIOGRAPHY POE


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