Joanna’s July Recommendation

dreamwhenyou'refeelingblueDream When You’re Feeling Blue by Elizabeth Berg

“Set in Chicago during 1943-1944, Dream When You’re Feeling Blue traces the fictional Heaney sisters, Kitty and Louise, who both have boyfriends fighting in the Second World War.  We learn of their relationships with their men through letters they write each other.  The novel focuses on Kitty Heaney, a strong female character who leaves her job as a receptionist and takes up a defense job that directly benefits the war effort.  Berg does an excellent job of transporting readers back to the decade of the 1940s as Dream When You’re Feeling Blue is full of references to USO dances, the home-front war effort, and Chicago landmarks . Ultimately, this is a bittersweet story of one sister’s love for her family and her country and the sacrifices she makes for both.”

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