Blaise’s February Recommendation

wordy-shipmatesThe Wordy Shipmates by Sarah Vowell

“I actually listened to this book on audio and really enjoyed it.  Sarah Vowell has the ability to make history really funny and interesting. ” 

Review from Publisher’s Weekly: “Essayist and public radio regular Vowell (Assassination Vacation ) revisits America’s Puritan roots in this witty exploration of the ways in which our country’s present predicaments are inextricably tied to its past. In a style less colloquial than her previous books, Vowell traces the 1630 journey of several key English colonists and members of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Foremost among these men was John Winthrop, who would become governor of Massachusetts. While the Puritans who had earlier sailed to Plymouth on the Mayflower were separatists, Winthrop’s followers remained loyal to England, spurred on by Puritan Reverend John Cotton’s proclamation that they were God’s chosen people. Vowell underscores that the seemingly minute differences between the Plymouth Puritans and the Massachusetts Puritans were as meaningful as the current Sunni/Shia Muslim rift. Gracefully interspersing her history lesson with personal anecdotes, Vowell offers reflections that are both amusing (colonial history lesson via The Brady Bunch ) and tender (watching New Yorkers patiently waiting in line to donate blood after 9/11).”

You can find this book in the library at call # 974.008 Vow in the New Non-Fiction Section.  Find this book in the library catalog.


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