Sophia’s January Recommendation

eattoliveEat to Live: The Revolutionary Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss by Joel Fuhrman

This is a book based on years of research and medical practice by a physician who has had enormous success in restoring health to diabetics, heart patients, and other people with the usual chronic diseases that our American eating habits are setting us up for. Many of medications that we take, to decrease dangerous levels of cholesterol, and to control diabetes and asthma can be cut back and or stopped entirely as the medical conditions that require medication spontaneously resolve. This  book is supported by an incredibly deep and wide research. The China Project by T. Colin Campbell, for example, a groundbreaking long term study,  has shown conclusively that humans are healthiest on a plant-based diet and that the more meat they eat, the worse off they are. It’s just a biological fact. Yet again, Dr. Fuhrman is not pushing vegetarianism. He let’s the facts and the studies and his results with patients speak for themselves.   It especially heartening ( and I find that this makes me trust him all the more), that he isn’t trying to sell us a miracle pill, or machine or item. Just an easily implemented common sense approach to long term good health. As the years pile on and our sedentary life style starts to take it’s toll I look forward to implementing his ideas in my own life.”

This book will be available for check out at the library soon!  In the meantime, find this book in the library catalog. 

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