Mike’s January Recommendation

nightofthegunThe Night of the Gun by David Carr

Review from Booklist: “In the midst of his life of drug-induced mayhem, Carr visited a friend one night and threatened him with violence. A gun was involved, but did Carr threaten his friend with the gun, or did his friend threaten use of the gun in self-defense? To answer that question and hundreds of others, Carr—unwilling to rely on his iffy memory—used the tools of journalism to recount his past. He interviewed dealers, fellow addicts, women he had dated, employers, friends; he checked police reports and medical records. What he found was a personal history at times much uglier than he remembered. What he also found were redeeming moments: he was a good parent to his twin daughters, once he sobered up and got custody from their equally drug-addled mother, and he was a very talented writer with a career worth saving. He went on to an illustrious career at several alternative newspapers and the New York Times, all the while hanging on to the hard-learned and re-learned lessons of drug and alcohol addiction. This is a harrowing tale, brutally honest and more insightful and revealing than the standard drug-addict memoir.”

You can find this book in the new non-fiction section at call # 616.86 CAR
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