Mary Ann’s December Recommendation

astaireFred Astaire by Joseph Epstein

“This new look at Fred Astaire’s artistry will have you contacting the library to get the DVD’s to see the body, clothes, and steps so precisely analyzed by Epstein…”

Review from Library Journal: “Essayist and fiction writer Epstein (Snobbery: The American Version; Fabulous Small Jews: Stories ) turns his discerning gaze to the legendary dancer and star Fred Astaire. Although he presents general biographical details, Epstein’s chief concern is with Astaire the artist, and he thoroughly scrutinizes all aspects of his talent. Epstein devotes attention to every facet of the Astaire image, discussing at length his physical characteristics and unique sense of style. He also spends a good portion of the book addressing Astaire’s dancing partners and the varying success of each. Most biographies tend to focus on the sensational details of the life lived; Epstein, however, places the magic of Astaire’s art front and center, which results in an astute and ardent examination. The author’s passion for his subject makes this an engaging read, even for those with only cursory knowledge of Astaire.”

You can find this title in the library at BIO ASTAIRE.  Find this book in the library catalog.


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