Joanna’s December Recommendation

joannaDark Water: Flood and Redemption in the City of Masterpieces by Robert Clark

Review from BookList: “Clark provides a unique twist on the horrific flood that ravaged Florence on November 4, 1966, killing 33 people, leaving countless numbers homeless, and damaging a huge number of priceless art treasures and rare books. Instead of merely recounting the devastation, he reaches back into the past, analyzing the historical dichotomy between Firenze, the city where natives live and work, and Florence, the art mecca students, scholars, and tourists flock to visit. Interweaving eyewitness accounts and experiences from those who lived through the deluge of 1966 and those who came to help with salvage and restoration projects, he paints a vivid portrait of a natural disaster with an array of sociological and cultural consequences.” 

You can find this title in the library at call number 945.511 CLA. Find this title in the library catalog.


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