Margaret’s November Recommendation

gracekeepsthisworldThe Grace that keeps this World by Tom Bailey

Review from Booklist: “Longtime residents of a beautiful, isolated Adirondack Mountain community, the fiercely independent Hazens are highly disciplined hunters who eke a mean living out of the land. A Vietnam vet, patriarch Gary has seen firsthand the destructiveness unleashed when events spiral out of control, and he keeps a tight rein on his sons. Now, however, he senses that his youngest son, Kevin, has academic ambitions that will prevent him from putting in the long hours necessary to keep the family’s finances afloat. Even 24-year-old Gary David, who loves the land as much as his father, must sneak out of the house in the middle of the night to meet his girlfriend, a rookie conservation officer whom his father despises. A series of tense confrontations mars the weeks leading up to the annual opening of deer-hunting season, a day that culminates in unforeseen tragedy. In his first novel, Bailey displays a consummate sense of craft, employing multiple perspectives to tell a dramatic, heartbreaking story to stunning effect. ?Although the prose is spare, it yet captures powerful emotional undercurrents set against a wild, immutable landscape as Bailey addresses human fallibility and the pitfalls of pride. ”

You can find this title in the library as an audiobook under Fic CD Bailey.  Find this title in the library catalog.


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