Blaise’s November Recommendation

 God’s Harvard by Hanna Rosin

“This book was written incredibly well in my opinion.  It may not sound like the most fascinating subject matter in the world to some people but I really enjoyed this book and found it hard to put down.”

Review from Library Journal: “To be in and not of the world—such is the rallying cry of many Christians, including the students at Patrick Henry College, located outside of Washington, DC. How, though, is it possible, one reporter wondered, to have a running conversation with Jesus in one’s head while listening to the surrounding culture? To answer this question, Rosin immersed herself for a year and a half in the life of a small Christian campus in Purcellville, VA. Some of the school’s students have scored a perfect 1600 on their SATs, rejecting acceptance letters from the likes of Harvard and Yale. Many have been homeschooled. In short, Patrick Henry is where emerging evangelical leaders are bred and groomed. They enter the spheres of politics, entertainment, science, and more upon graduation. Rosin, best known for her religion and politics coverage in the Washington Post , is the perfect writer and researcher for this project; her style is factual and objective. The book is, overall, an entertaining and enlightening read. More important, it’s an eyewitness account of the evangelical movement and subculture.”

You can find this book in the library under 378.7556 ROS.  Find this book in the library catalog.


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