Mary Ann’s October Recommendation

American Eve: Evelyn Nesbit, Sanford White, the birth of the “It” girl, and the Crime of the Century by Paula M Uruburu.

“Disturbingly familiar story of celebrity, class, perversion, violence, child exploitation, and the uber-rich gaming the legal system.  Reminded me of  Loving Frank by Nancy Horan, also about a woman who broke from early 1900’s traditional women’s roles. We learn much more about Evelyn Nesbit and Mamah Borthwick Cheney than their infamous indiscretions.”

Review from Library Journal: “Uruburu (English, Hofstra Univ.) posits that today’s Lindsay-Britney-Paris-obsessed media culture has its roots in the “crime of the century”: the 1906 murder of renowned New York architect Stanford White on the roof of the original Madison Square Garden (which he designed) by Harry Thaw, the jealous husband of Evelyn Nesbit. Early photographs of this child-woman are both discomforting and hypnotic, and hers is indeed a sad tale…”

You can find this title in the library under 974.7 URU.  Find this title in the library catalog.


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