Margaret’s October Recommendation

 Lavinia by Ursula K. LeGuin

Review From Library Journal:  “She was a minor character in The Aeneid, a “silent, shrinking maiden,” but in Le Guin’s brilliant reimagining of the last six books of Virgil’s epic poem, Lavinia, the Latin king’s daughter with whom the Trojan hero Aeneas founds the Roman Empire, finds her voice and springs fully to life. Protesting the Roman poet’s dull, conventional portrait of her—”He slighted my life in his poem”—Lavinia takes us back to a Bronze Age Italy inhabited by Latin-speaking tribes. Under the rule of her father, the kingdom of Latinus is at peace until Lavinia turns 18 and the suitors arrive. Her mother Amata wants her daughter to marry her handsome, ambitious nephew, Turnus, but Lavinia is reluctant. Like her father, she can commune with the sacred spirits and in a memorable dreamlike scene meets the dying Virgil, who tells her Aeneas’s story and her role in his life…As Le Guin’s afterword acknowledges, this beautiful and moving novel is a love offering to one of the world’s great poets, and former high-school Latin scholars may return to Virgil with a renewed appreciation. Highly recommended.”

You can find this title in the library under FICTION LE GUIN.  Find this title in the library catalog.


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